I’ve had several ideas for new posts and, yet, none have come forward as a reality. It’s something that affects me greatly: I plan my posts for so long that it is extremely difficult to me to press that “publish” button. The same applies to all my writing: most of it stays in my mind as I perfect it in a complete mental, cerebral way, until I realize I have a notebook and could probably use a little jotting down things.

It is an issue that NaNoWriMo corrected. For that month, I may not have written every single day, but I did get used to put down whatever was in my mind. The quantity was there, but how about the quality? I’ll be judge of that, since I’m the only one with access to my story, of course ^^

I had more to say about the subject, but I best resume my normal activities. Expect more interviews and posts from me in a short period!