Pencil Princess


This month will feature a whole bunch of interviews I’m doing to several NaNoWriMo participants. The selection process was simple: I posted a new thread on the forums letting people know I would be doing interviews about the event. Many kind souls volunteered to answer whatever questions I wanted to ask, a total of forty two users, if I’m not mistaken. The number of positive replies made me incredibly happy, as I was somewhat afraid that no one would offer, and now I’m busy as a bee, preparing interviews for everyone. I am not that experienced on interviews, so this will allow me to practice this non-fiction genre. Hopefully, you’ll enjoying reading the final product as well.

I will divide the interviews in two great types:

  • focusing on the individual: people I selected to be interviewed in great detail about their NaNoWriMo experience: won’t be more than fifteen;

  • focusing on the answers: interviews where a varied number of people answers to a single question, so it’ll be easy to compare answers.

You may also suggest questions, if you want, either by commenting in this post or by sending me an e-mail.

I’m off now, preparing a Human Anatomy work ;)


Hello to all of you readers out there! Thank you so much for being here. On an inaugural post I ought to say something about my blog and its purpose on the blogsphere, so here it is:This will be my space on the Internet to talk about writing. After all, writing is one of my main passions, and a very enjoyable hobby. It eases my mind and lets my imagination take control. However, writing is so much more than just a person grabbing a pencil or pressing buttons on a keyboard: it is a way of life. Through this blog I will explore deeper that way of life, either by writing articles, launching topics, presenting my own works and many more.

I’ve created Pencil Princess for three main reasons:

a) to compel myself to write every day – I need that discipline as it is extremely important to me to do a bit of regular writing.

b) to store my ramblings on the writing world – In this blog, you’ll see many, many posts on writing. It is the essence of it, after all. And many of these posts will contain my own discoveries as I get to learn more techniques and facts on the world of writing.

c) to improve my English – My native language is not English, hence my difficulties to express myself. Hopefully, I will acquire more familiarity on the language as I blog in it.<

That is all for now. I’ll probably rewrite this first post sometime later.