I think many people don’t realize the potential of the written word. I am not referring  to books or any literary production such as shorts stories and poems, but to the little messages we’re used to exchange on a daily bases. E-mails, forum replies, msn… we now write more than ever and have a great deal of options to choose from. I myself make use of these facilities. And yet, I know two types of persons: the ones who I get the feeling I’m talking face to face to them, as they’re so expressive on their messages, and the ones that make me feel uncomfortable, for their words lack the spirit that is part of them – a spirit I can clearly sense when we’re talking and their eyes meet mine. Online, there is no visual contact, no voice tone, no facial expressions; you must rely on what you have in order to establish an effective communication. And you only aid are words.

If put into good use, words can be extremely useful and make a great difference. A written message lasts longer than an oral one, and so your messages can bring happiness, comfort and hope, as many times as your readers will want to read them. The contrary applies as well: write a rude, hurtful message and the reader will feel bad, because words can carry a lot of emotional charge, as much as you would like to embed with them.

You have a powerful weapon at your disposal. Use it wisely.


On another note, I hope everyone has a bright joyful year 2009. I will continue what I’ve started in this year, and that includes this blog. However, the posting periodicity isn’t exactly part of my resolutions: I’ll write in here when I feel like, when my heart tells me to. That can be once every week, twice a day, but never less than once a month, that I can garantee ;)

My NaNoWriMo interviews are still in progress: in the meantime, I have received a new batch of replies and those will form my third and last post of the general interview series.