(Yes, I know we had winner badges, but I liked this image so much more.)

I’m looking at my novel with a proud grin on my face. Yes, I’ve made it! I won NaNoWriMo!!!

Hundreds of people are cheering with me as we typed the final words with an imense feeling of self-fulfillment like we’ve never experienced before. To me, it felt natural, since I’ve been working steadily for the past week. Sure, there were days when I didn’t (regrettably) even open Word, but thanks to a good deal of planning, I end up with the necessary amount of words.

Is it finished, you ask? Not at all. I wonder if it’s half done, actually, but I don’t think it is. Though I wrote many scenes and advanced a lot on the characterization, there’s still a lot to write. I won’t be getting rid of this novel for a long time…

Facts about my novel

  • it doesn’t have a definitive title (“Of dreams you gave to me” is just something I made up in one second);

  • it doesn’t have a definitive genre (although it certainly has a lot of romance and fantasy);

  • its 50000th word was “coisas”, which means “things” in English;

  • it was written in Century Gothic 8 until day 20 or so, when I changed to Calibri 10;

  • its first four pages were written in English so I could show them to, among other people, my mentor;

  • it’s written in first person view.

What’s for me now? If you take a look at this graph, you’ll be able to see how much I’ve progressed through the entire month:


As you can see, there were a few days where I wrote nothing at all. I need to write about those days, as well as all the others, so I can know what went wrong and learn from this experience.

Also, there were days where I worked well. Just take a look at the last three days ;)