My school year started about three weeks ago: enough time for me to start building a schedule that considers both study time and writing time. I’m writing today’s post while sat in the train, an alternative that I find pleasing instead of writing directly into the computer.

A few days after I made the decision of finding a mentor who’d help me through NaNoWriMo, I found her. Blessed be that “Find a Mentor!” thread I foundin the forum. Since the beginning of our interaction (a first and shy message sent by me) that she’s been a wonderful person, friendly and very helpful. In one of the message exchanges we’ve made, we talked about a subject I was anxious to explore: plots. Ellie suggest that, if I had an idea stored but never got to develop it, this was the time to do it. And I had, indeed, a few ideas, but after much thinking I prefered to keep them in my notebook. I’d like to write something new, in which I’ve never thought before: something that would occur only in this month of October, and vaguely too, so I could work on it with no big expectations and then move to my old ideas. However, the notebook in which I jot down synopsis for my future shorts attracted me and I couldn’t stop thinking that the idea of writing based in a older idea was very interesting. Which is why, during these days, in which I tried to have time for school and writing, I grabbed two old ideas and combined them in a new and much different story. While visualizing it, I added details from one idea and the other, cut several scenes and the rest I took from new, born in the moment, ideas. This process was fascinating for me because it was the first time I looked at what I had initially planned to be two different stories but, after a little tweaking here and there, can’t now tell them appart. In the end, I conclude that very little remained from the original plots: something extremely rich and fertile which will give me a tremendous joy to write. Not all the details are clear and the end is not decided yet, but I prefer it like this: it’ll give me space and I’ll be able to see how well can I improvise. Also, I suspect the original concept of NaNoWriMo was to write without any previous thoughts, deciding the story moment by moment, taking it to surrealistic and even ridiculous situations. For a 50000 story, this requires all creativity and quick-thinking possible.

One day I will be ready for that kind of liberty.

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